Federal Electricity and Water Authority




Federal Electricity & Water Authority

The conservation department was established in 2014 to prepare and manage the electricity and water conservation strategy in FEWA and to communicate and cooperate with regulatory bodies and other concerned parties in the UAE. Also, to build and encourage partnership with government agencies and leading private sector companies in the techniques and methods of increasing the efficiency of electricity and water consumption. In addition, to establish rules and regulations for water and electricity conservation, research and development, and to identify the latest technologies and feasible methods that can be introduced into society in the fields of electricity and water conservation.


Water Conservation

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Electricity Conservation

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Save on LED lamps for higher efficiency and lower consumption


Water-saving Devices Projects

Number of houses installed water-saving devices in 2018
Water-saving devices
Number of water-saving devices installed in 2018
Reduction rate achieved
Amount of consumption reduction in gallons

Water Conservation Campaign


We work together to achieve sustainable development for the vision of the UAE 2021 for a better future for our generations

Conservation Awarness Lectures and Workshops

Presenting workshops and events related to electricity and water conservation for students and employees in government and privet sector, it aims to spread and promote awareness about the culture of conservation of electricity and water consumption and educate them on energy efficiency and renewable energy.

Awareness Tips

Customer Testimonails

Wash the vegetables and fruits in the tub after filling, and do not wash them by leaving water running from the tap.

Customer Testimonails

Gather excess water after washing fruits and vegetables and use them to irrigate the garden

Customer Testimonails

Fill the bowl with water to melt the frozen food instead of leaving it under the water faucet